Monday, 25 April 2016

What Scintellescents Body & Boutique is really about.

We are an independent fragrance market, specializing only in fragrances and other scented products. We don’t also sell a myriad of skincare and cosmetic products like the big guys, but instead hone our expertise and focus sharply on finding the most suitable, satisfying fragrance for each customer, locating the highest possible value for the lowest price.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer great deals for savvy bargain shoppers, or for students and seniors who may not have a lot of cash at their disposal for the luxury of fragrance – we aim to offer this luxury for less. Much less.

Fragrance lifts moods, elicits emotions, evokes memories, exudes confidence and sensuality, and allows the wearer to represent a facet of their personality, in an almost artistic display of self-expression. Fragrance speaks to the primal, subconscious mind and the inner child, and brings out dormant traits thought to be long lost. Fragrance transports the wearer to times long ago and places far away. A fragrance is, simply put, magic in a bottle.  

As opposed to the bigger businesses and co-operations out there, profit is far from being the only thing this business is concerned about and strives to obtain. We want to live in a better, safer world and understand that this requires doing something to help change it, whether those efforts are small or large. Any size of a contribution is still ultimately a contribution, and it is a core value of this company to contribute as much as we can, as often as we can, and in any way we can. We hope to see you join us on this mission to help recreate, reshape and reinvigorate the world.

I hope you have learned something valuable about our company, Scintellescents Body & Boutique, from reading this. We are and will be working to make this world a better, more positive place and would love for you to join us in this undertaking.  

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