Sunday, 24 April 2016

Welcome to Scintellescents' Blog!

Welcome and thank you so much for joining us for our first blog post!

As you may be aware of, I own and run a small business in Halifax, Nova Scotia called Scintellescents Body & Boutique. We sell fragrances at greatly discounted rates and offer many special features and benefits for our clients such as a 10% discount for students and seniors, automatic entry into our VIP 'Scinners' Club' (which offers additional opportunities for discounts and terrific deals), free gift wrapping upon request and free delivery in the Dartmouth/Halifax area.

 We pride ourselves on being able to find rare, discontinued fragrances upon request and providing the best possible deals we can for our customers.

Although the business has only been started fairly recently we have also taken the initiative to start donating some of its revenues to local charitable organizations in our community. This we have planned to continue to do indefinitely, as giving back and helping the world become a better place any way we can, is an important company value for us. We have the opportunity and privilege of being able to buy luxury products such as perfumes, so we believe its important to offer support and help to those who barely have enough resources to sustain their own lives or those or their families, to those who can barely afford the clothes on their back.

Every month we will be donating at least 10% of our proceeds to one or more charity organizations in Halifax. Currently we are donating $2 per sale to the Avalon Sexual Assault Center for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and 10% of our profits to Habitat for Humanity.
If our Facebook page is able to obtain 500 likes by May 31, we will be donating $100 to Laing House, an organization in Halifax dedicated to giving support to youth suffering from mental illness. Regardless of whether or not we reach the goal of 500 likes, we will definitely be donating some amount to Laing House in May for Mental Health Awareness Month.

As well as these monthly donations we will be holding a raffle draw at the end of each month for a giveaway prize for a lucky customer. Everytime you spend $10 at our business, you will be given one of these raffles. Our prizes, valued up to $50 currently, will likely increase in size and value as our business continues to expand.

This blog, as well as providing company news and announcements as they come in, will be used as a platform for my personal reviews on fragrances. I will be divulging my opinions on which are my favourites, least favourites, my recommendations for people enjoying certain categories of fragrances as opposed to others, my opinions on new releases and rare gems, and more. I look forward to sharing more wonderful fragrance-related posts with you and thank you so much for coming to check out our blog!

~~~Luxury for less
<3 Em

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